Kevin W Hardin

Kevin W Hardin BIO The Mortgage Mediation Group assists homeowners, attorneys, realtors, loan officers, and other professionals with issues related to Mortgages. These issues may be Credit Report Errors, Short Sale, Loan Modification, Foreclosure, Deficiency, RESPA, TILA and Post Foreclosure-related claims under the California Homeowner Bill of Rights. Kevin W Hardin is the Specialized … [Read more...]

Keep Your Home California

Keep Your Home California Keep your home California has announced changes to two of its programs. The Principal Reduction Program and The Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance Program have been expanded. In a recent article, Keep Your Home California, explains that “Despite an improving economy and job market, there are still many homeowners who are struggling every month or just need a little … [Read more...]

Underwater Home

Underwater Home "Underwater Home" may not mean what you think. According to CoreLogic 10.8% of all mortgage homes in the US are underwater, that is, more is owed on the home than it is worth. For Arizona that number is larger. 18.7% of Arizona homes are underwater with the Greater Phoenix area showing 18.8% of mortgaged homes are underwater. Does it end there? No. If you owed $100,000 on a … [Read more...]

Being Harassed By Debt Collectors?

Being Harassed By Debt Collectors? Are you being harassed by debt collectors? There are many reasons why we end up in debt. It may be the holidays, an emergency, school, vacation etc. We don't plan to go into debt and not pay, but sometimes something happens in life and suffer a hardship preventing us from paying our debts. When those debts are not paid, the collectors will come calling. … [Read more...]