Kevin W Hardin

Kevin W Hardin
Kevin W. Hardin


The Mortgage Mediation Group assists homeowners, attorneys, realtors, loan officers, and other professionals with issues related to Mortgages. These issues may be Credit Report Errors, Short Sale, Loan Modification, Foreclosure, Deficiency, RESPA, TILA and Post Foreclosure-related claims under the California Homeowner Bill of Rights. Kevin W Hardin is the Specialized Mortgage Paralegal for the practice and Subject Matter Expert.

In 1983, Kevin joined the United States Air Force. In 1987, he transitioned into the National Guard in order to attend New Mexico State University full time.

In 1991, following the end of Operation Desert Storm and completing his National Guard service, Kevin graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Science (BS). In the wake of the downsizing of the military, he moved into a position at a mortgage company as a compliance clerk.

From 1992 to 2002; Kevin served on the Executive Committee for the Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers (AAMB) and was an active member of MRWG the Mortgage Reform Working Group traveling back and forth to Washington D.C. Kevin lobbied the Senate and House for mortgage regulatory reform which was badly needed as the recent mortgage crisis proved. Kevin was elected President of AAMB East Valley Chapter, which had over 200 members, in 1998. Kevin is a member of the South East Valley Association of Realtors (SEVRAR).


Kevin focused his career on the capital and secondary markets side of the mortgage industry with an emphasis on regulatory issues (RESPA, TILA, ECOA, FCRA).Kevin made the decision to seek a law degree when he saw the collapse of the mortgage market and heightened regulatory reforms. He attended Concord School of Law where he received his Juris Doctor degree (JD). Kevin has assisted thousands of homeowners and borrowers with their mortgage issues including short sale, loan modification, deed in lieu, foreclosure, deficiency, bankruptcy, and credit reporting.


Kevin is a recognized authority on loss mitigation issues and the relevant Dodd-Frank Act sections. He is an approved instructor with the Arizona Department of Real Estate and the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). He teaches several continuing education classes, on those topics, to AZ Real Estate Agents and pre-license classes to Mortgage Loan Officers.


“Can’t say enough great things about Kevin Hardin. He has been monumental in my real estate business assisting myself with questions as well as my clients. I have received several client opportunities from his posts regarding the market. I look forward to his posts to stay current to best assist my clients. I refer all clients thinking about a short sale or a foreclosure to him so that they are able to make an educated decision regarding their future. Thanks Kevin!

— Cynthia Knight, Chandler, AZ”

From one of Kevin’s clients: “Great news! We’ll be waiting anxiously. It is so good to know how your firm . Your communication with us from the beginning has been a breath of fresh air in our “world of short sales!” And now, to know that someone with legal clout at the top of your pyramid is watching out for the client to deter the “aftermath,” which is possible with these banks! What an eye-opener this has been for us to see that short sales can actually be completed minus our adding more wrinkles in our forehead! We know that it isn’t over yet, but anticipate a happy conclusion.”

— Claudia Ault, Arizona

Work Product

Kevin has on all of the major local TV networks in Phoenix. Kevin was the co-host of KFNN Radio Show “Breaking the Bank.” from 2011 to 2013. Kevin is the co-author of two books; “Life After Foreclosure – A practical Guide to Recovery After Losing Your Home.” Available on Amazon and “TRID: The Future Of Real Estate Is Now!” Also Available on Amazon.

Kevin is a regular contributor to the Mortgage Mediation Group blog on short sales, loan mods, foreclosure and other issues facing Arizona and California homeowners. Kevin has also recorded a series of videos on Mortgage Mediation Group’s Youtube Channel on loan modifications, short sales, credit report errors and foreclosure.


Kevin holds a Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) designation from the Mortgage Bankers Association


Kevin holds a Real Estate Agent license and an Arizona Mortgage Loan Officer license.


Kevin is a founder and current board member of Qualified, Inc., an Arizona Non-Profit helping high school seniors secure a real estate, loan officer and insurance licensing at no cost to them.

About Kevin Hardin

Kevin W. Hardin is a 22 year veteran of the Mortgage and Real Estate industries. He holds a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from Concord Law School and a CMB (Certified Mortgage Banker) from the Mortgage Bankers Association. He is a Senior Loan Officer at HomeStreet Bank. He works with Borrowers, Attorneys, Title Companies, Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Companies on mortgage law issues.

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