Services for Real Estate Agents

Services for Real Estate Agents

Services for Real Estate Agents

We offer best of class services for real estate agents and their client. From credit repair to clients facing foreclosure, loan modification, or short sale. Whether you are negotiating your own short sales, performing short sale negotiation for other agents, looking for a Short Sale Attorney or your client wants to stay in their home, we can help. We can answer all of the questions your client has about their legal liability as well as their tax liability.

Delinquencies and foreclosures rates are improving and many of your clients have a unique opportunity to keep their home if they can modify their mortgage or settle their 2nd mortgage. Which makes our services for real estate agents very important.

Many homeowners that lost their homes during the mortgage crisis, now need to clear up the errors that lenders credited when they reported the late payments, foreclosure, short sale or loan modification on the client’s credit report

The Mortgage Mediation Group is here to help you. We have a full array of services to assist you with your short sale closings or your client’s desire to remain in their home.  See our Services Page.

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About Kevin Hardin

Kevin W. Hardin is a 22 year veteran of the Mortgage and Real Estate industries. He holds a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from Concord Law School and a CMB (Certified Mortgage Banker) from the Mortgage Bankers Association. He is a Senior Loan Officer at HomeStreet Bank. He works with Borrowers, Attorneys, Title Companies, Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Companies on mortgage law issues.


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