Mortgage Mediation Services

Mortgage Mediation Group Services:

The Mortgage Mediation Group provides professional services for mortgage-related issues. Many of our clients are homeowners that are facing foreclosure or underwater in their mortgage and looking to understand their legal rights and obligations so that they can make informed decisions. These consumers may be facing foreclosure. They also may be facing a deficiency. Some homeowners have already been foreclosed and want to know their rights. New Dodd-Frank rules give homeowners rights never had before.

No Cost Consultation: Many homeowners are facing the point where they are underwater in their home, that is they owe more than their home is worth. Whether you can afford the mortgage or not, you need to understand your legal rights and obligations. The group offers a no-cost initial consultation to go over your situation in detail. You will understand:

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Services Offered.


California Homeowner Bill of Rights: If you are an owner occupant of a California Single Family Residence, you have certain rights under the Homeowner Bill of Rights that can assist you in protecting your home while you try to modify your mortgage. If you were foreclosed on in 2013 or later you may be able to bring a claim against your lender for monetary damages for their willful violation of those statutes.

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Liability Review and Analysis: Post consult, the client may become aware of certain liabilities that require further investigation and guidance as the homeowner explores their option to exit the home.

  • Review of all mortgage documents (1st, 2nd or any other subordinate debt)
  • Review of title and lien history on property
  • Review of applicable Statutory and Case law
  • Issue of Written Legal Opinion and Summary of Review
  • Continued guidance throughout the exit of the home whether short sale or a guided foreclosure (Strategic Default)
  • Review of Short Sale Approvals issued by bank(s)
  • Assistance to 3rd party or Realtor driven short sale negotiations
  • Unlimited access to the attorneys for questions and issues till home is out of your name. (9 month period, longer periods may require additional fee)

This service is a tremendous tool for the homeowner that is going to exit their home and would desire  guidance throughout the process.

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Loan Modification: For those homeowners that desire to remain in their home a loan modification is a tool that is available. A multitude of programs available to homeowners that desire to remain in their home. Loan Modifications require a significant amount of time and attention. If the group is retained for Loan Modification it will be part of a greater legal relationship requiring the retainer under our Liability Review engagement in addition to the Loan Modification fee. Fee for processing a loan modification can be paid on a monthly basis based on what you owe, expected savings and potential principal reduction. There are affordable plans for everyone.

  • Review of all financial documents
  • Collection of all required documentation for submittal to lender / servicer
  • Submission of Loss Mitigation package to lender
  • Regular follow up with lender to process loan modification request
  • Legal review of any documents from lender prior to signature by client
  • Review of Loan Modification Approval

Loan Modification is a very problematic process that has a high failure rate. Any client retaining the group to pursue a loan modification must understand that NO results are promised or represented. It is possible that if a loan modification is received and approved that it will not meet all of the clients needs and desires, but presents a much better option than leaving the home or remaining in a home that they may not own in their economic lifetime.

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Short Sale Negotiation: The Mortgage Mediation Group has been negotiating a short sale for the last 8 years. It is one of the leading short sale groups. There are occasions where a client may have unique deficiency risk and or other liabilities necessitating retainer under our Liability Review prior to Short Sale Negotiation.

  • Review of all mortgage documents that will be resolved in short sale
  • Receipt of all required documents for lender approval
  • Processing and submittal of all required documents and offer to Lender / Servicer for short sale approval
  • Regular communication to Lender / Servicer to move file along
  • Receipt and review of Short Sale Approval(s) prior to approval by seller / client
  • Revision and negotiation of Short Sale Approval
  • All other real estate guidance required

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Short Sale Review: There are many times that a homeowner has already begun their short sale process with another party but seek review of their Short Sale Approval. The group will review the short sale approval and answer the questions that your Realtor may not answer.

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General Consultation: Many clients present unique real estate situations that require alternative actions by the group including litigation (Deficiency Defense, Foreclosure Abatement, Debt Negotiation etc). These fees range from $150 per hour to $400 per hour. In all situations, prior to a retainer, the client will be informed of fee structure.

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Litigation Support for Attorneys: Attorneys have clients that mortgage problems that require an outside expert and analysis to assist that attorney in representing the client competently. I have been working in the mortgage regulatory space for  22 years. Call me at 888-909-1030

Specialized Mortgage Paralegal: I have been working in the mortgage and real estate industry for 29 years and specifically in the mortgage regulatory and statutory space for 22 years. I am an expert at RESPA, TILA, ECOA, FCRA, FDCPA, Dodd-Fank / CFPB. Call me at 888-909-1030