Short Sales Not Extinct Yet

Short Sales Not Extinct Yet Unlike the dinosaur, Short sales are not extinct yet. However, the number of short sales has reduced dramatically as many Arizona and California homeowners have recovered much of their equity. Today, there are still Arizona and California homeowners that think that short sales have gone away but, short sales are not extinct yet. Why have they come back or … [Read more...]

Return of the piggyback loan

The piggyback loan is making a comeback according to an article in Mortgage Professional America. Piggyback Loans were all the rage during Arizona's real estate bubble. Alternative Agency Loans a.k.a. Alt-A or non Fannie and Freddie conventional loans, allowed a homeowner to go to 100% of the homes value at $0 down and avoid private mortgage insurance (MI). Today the piggyback loan that is … [Read more...]

Declined For HARP

Declined for HARP; What do I do now? So, you have been through every lender there is and cannot secure a HARP refinance. What do you do now? If you are reading this you owe more than your home is worth. According to a Q1 2013 report form Corelogic, Arizona is running almost 30% of homes are underwater or in negative equity position. California is running close to 25%. The market has improved … [Read more...]

Climbing Out of the Basement of Negative Equity

Are You Climbing Out of the Basement of Negative Equity? We have heard so much talk about the recovery in the Arizona and California market. Everyday some talking head is screaming "The market is coming back!" Back?!? Really? Back to what? Are you climbing out of the basement of negative equity? Over the last 5 years I have worked with over 6,000 homeowners who were upside down in their … [Read more...]

Kevin W. Hardin joins the law firm of Arboleda Brechner

Kevin W. Hardin joins the law firm of Arboleda Brechner Arboleda Brechner ( is pleased to announce the addition of Kevin W. Hardin. Mr. Hardin was previously the Director of the Mortgage Mediation practice group ( at Thomson Law, PLC, the leading practice group involved in Short Sales and Foreclosures here in Arizona. With negative equity and … [Read more...]