Owe More Than Your Home Is Worth

Owe More Than Your Home Is Worth? If you are reading this you owe more than your home is worth. That is, your home is underwater. What do you do? From many this is a problem to live with. You made a commitment and you are going to stick to it. For some, you can no longer afford the home and the negative equity is preventing you from a traditional sale. For still others, a point is coming in the … [Read more...]

Services for Real Estate Agents

Services for Real Estate Agents We offer best of class services for real estate agents and their client. From credit repair to clients facing foreclosure, loan modification, or short sale. Whether you are negotiating your own short sales, performing short sale negotiation for other agents, looking for a Short Sale Attorney or your client wants to stay in their home, we can help.¬†We can answer … [Read more...]