What Our Clients Say About Mortgage Mediation Group

Great news! We’ll be waiting anxiously. It is so good to know how your firm works, starting with you. Your communication with us from the beginning has been a breath of fresh air in our “world of short sales!” And now, to know that someone with legal clout at the top of your pyramid is watching out for the client to deter the “aftermath,” which is possible with these banks! What an eye-opener this has been for us to see that short sales can actually be completed minus our adding more wrinkles in our forehead! We know that it isn’t over, yet but anticipate a happy conclusion.
Claudia Ault, Arizona

Kevin, your posts are engaging, interesting, educating and helped on facing the facts that we just have to face. Some of my clients and just about all of my friends have benefited from your insight. Thank You!
Lucia Arbaugh, Scottsdale Arizona

Can’t say enough great things about Kevin Hardin. He has been monumental in my real estate business assisting myself with questions as well as my clients. I have received several client opportunities from his posts regarding the market. I look forward to his posts to stay current to best assist my clients. I refer all clients thinking about a short sale or a foreclosure to him so that they are able to make an educated decision regarding their future. Thanks Kevin!
Cynthia Knight, Chandler, AZ

Kevin is always ahead of the curve on important issues in our marketplace. He updates me faster than WSJ or CNN. Keep it up! Thanks Kevin
James Adelman, Scottsdale, AZ

It’s rare to find anyone in the legal field that not only gets it but also has the bedside manner to explain complex scenarios to the public. Kevin Hardin is that guy. If you are looking for great information from a professional that can actually help you, Kevin is your guy.
Stephen Garner, I’m everywhere!